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Wednesday, 02 September 2020 14:58 Idea
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Since Nov. 2001, I was thinking about how to use this domain --

By first, I spent a half year building it as an online forum about Canton Fair in Guangzhou, where people can share their experiences and ideas. But the hosting of a forum website in 2002 is too expensive that I can hardly afford. I did not have any income by doing that.

Then the SARS came to Guangzhou, it is an excellent reason for me to give it up because I was mad by coding a website, I am not good at that. Even lost all the website code. Too sad.

Let's see what it looked like in 2003:

Is there a banner on this website? Oh, how poor were I! The design is being copied from a website - I remember.

Don't want to recall all the things that happen, really. But I am financially free somehow.

Now, thinking for 18 years, I decided to pick my first self-own business again. A man never forgets his first love, right? is going to be an online forum again, where shares are more uncomplicated and more straightforward.

I will share some about China, China's business events, import-export trade information, new products, industry analysis, etc.. You can share yours later. Everybody can leave a comment. 

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