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How do you evaluate a supplier from China?

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China is offering substantial productions. How in a wide range of products and affordable prices.

However, every year thousands of entrepreneurs are hesitant to buy in China. They worry that their journey could become a failure.

Whether sourcing from China or elsewhere. One of the most important things you, as a buyer, need to do to make sure you are working with the right supplier. So, where do you start it with low risky?

Here are the five steps to secure imported products, quality, and shipment step one defined background.

There are several ways for importers to find their Chinese suppliers. The most commonly used to work is to attend trade shows like HKTDC or global sources in Hong Kong to consult online databases like Alibaba.

How to make sure the information provided is correct?

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to check the factory by visiting and using free online tools. A study by marketing land shows that online reviews influence 90% of someone's buying decisions.

Reviews are rare, but they are beneficial because they influence purchasing decisions. This is due to importers wanting to know about others' experiences before they decide whether or not to purchase products.

Through online reviews, these importers can gather information relevant to them from minded customers in situations similar to their own.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can review and get feedback from your suppliers. For example, you can gather honest feedback through emails and social media networks, face to face interviews, or multiple review sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, Alibaba shop ratings.

Then find out your supplier's company background.

You could ask your supplier, provide a hard copy of their company license.

It contains information on the set update, tax ID, company address, and the owner's name.

Generally, companies set up for a more extended time, more reliable if it has a branch office in another city.

And be careful about these new companies, but offer aggressive prices. These companies may be disappeared in anytime and reopen very soon using another name.

Remember what's most essential things influenced by indecision, not only low priced but also a high level of confidence in good quality of produce. If one gained more in-depth information about your potential suppliers, this tool is fantastic for a foreign buyer.

Website can check any Chinese company tax. Into this free website could gain the owner name, setup date, and companies registered capital government in cord announcement. But the website blocks all oversea users recently.

To define location.

The factory in middle China and western China has lower labor costs in lower land rent costs. It allows lower manufacturing costs, but probably quality is so good—those located along the coast and southern.

eastern regions have higher production outlay, but the quality is generally better and skilled of exporting processes note as well that the farther inland you go, the more expensive your logistics costs and more long transit time your shipments will be

You can't imagine that it's nearly about 1700 KMS between middle China City, Chongqing, to the transshipment port Shanghai and takes two or three weeks by river barge service before purchase. You should search online and find where your factory is located and then decide to buy it.

It has defined trading companies or manufacture. Alibaba is very popular in excess Obel, but that doesn't mean it's always the best option.

It attracts many intermediaries in small trading companies, and some are freshmen, even or cheaters.

Alibaba not able to identify all information posted online is real or fake.

Most of the listings in Alibaba are no factories at all, but trading companies.

Many importers prefer to source their goods directly from the factory. The main reason for this is the lower price.

The easiest way to the identity of a trading company from a manufacturer's to look at their products catalog if it includes everything from electrical goods to rugs and ladies fashions, then they're a trading company if there are only a few items that could have all been made under similar production line.

Then they're more than likely a manufacturer.

And you could also use Google Street View to check your supplier locations environment.

If it is the business center area, obviously it's a trading company. If it in a suburban area, that may like a manufacturer.

However, the problem when dealing with a factory is one of communication. Many Chinese factory owners and their employees do not speak English or those that you may not have the ability to interpret detailed information for their colleagues.

Another point, most factories don't have an interest in small orders. Neither personalized produces a demand to define goods quality. Even with a reliable supplier, many factors may affect the quality of manufactured goods.

Sending the goods without any control would be very risky, and there's no guarantee the quality would be as expected. Moreover, the consequences of such a risk often lead to high financial costs.

Quality control companies have professional inspectors to control the quantity—visual aspect packaging in compliance with the product specifications.

They would perform tests to ensure adequate functionality, strengthen conformity according to specific standards and regulations of the destination country to secure the quality of imported products.

For example, if you want to have a good quality, the supplier must explain what he means by quality.

New products, you should always initially asked for prototypes or product samples. Then compliance with your country standards.

China's definition of the standard might be different from your country's standards.

It would be best if you always had a sample in your hand before a larger order and then decide objectively and emotionlessly, whether it meets potential customers' expectations.

Satisfactory define payment agreement in shipping issue.

After checking and assuming the goods' quality comes to the next step, pay advance payment to secure the shipment to the expected destination. It is safer to pay a small advance and spent the rest later after your shipment departures.

Usually, ship via water 30% advance payment, then the rest 70% balance payment after the supplier has a copy of the shipping bill signed by the shipping line or your freight forwarder.

That is easily overlooked is the encoder am of trading.

Ex-works free carrier FOBC&F Forsyth.

Different trade encoder influences goods price and the import logistics cost.

Make sure your supplier has not doubted about what kinds of encoder you deal with that.

Importers must consider different services covered by logistics experts and technologists to ensure that goods would be shipped in due time at the lowest costs by letting experts solve and take care of global logistics customs filings, customs bonds, global freight pickup, and delivery in cargo insurance issues.

For example, importers would be able to save time and focus on their core business.

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