Guangzhou International Natural Gas Auto and Gas Station Equipment Expo

From October 13, 2020 09:00 until October 15, 2020 18:00

In the era of an energy shortage, green, energy-saving and environmental protection have become the core themes of economic development. Natural gas is a globally recognized green energy. As an important part of the world's energy, natural gas has long been an international trend with its advantages of less pollution, better fuel economy and low operating cost.


The state encourages the development and application of means of transport to use clean fuels. According to the national plan, the 13th five-year plan will focus on the development of clean energy vehicles. We will encourage the substitution of natural gas for fuel oil and vigorously develop natural gas vehicles. With the construction of long-distance pipeline network and the improvement of gas supply conditions, the development of natural gas vehicles in China is rapid. According to industry experts, China's natural gas vehicles will develop rapidly in the future, reaching 3.2 million by 2020. China is becoming an extremely important natural gas vehicle market in the Asia-pacific region and even in the world. It is estimated that about 12,000 vehicular natural gas filling stations will be completed by 2020. The morning of May 24, 2014, President xi Jinping stressed when Shanghai automotive group investigation, the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for our country from a big car to car power, to strengthen research and development, carefully study the market, with good policy, development to meet the needs of a variety of products, making it a strong growth. It can be predicted that in the future, with the improvement of China's natural gas supply capacity and the large-scale construction of gas filling stations, China's natural gas vehicles will develop rapidly.
In order to better promote the rapid and orderly development of the natural gas vehicle and ship and filling station equipment industry, the " Guangzhou international natural gas vehicle and ship and filling station equipment exhibition" co-sponsored by China automobile exhibition and industry authorities will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou international procurement center. The conference is committed to providing more cooperation opportunities for the global natural gas vehicle, vessel and filling station equipment industry, and vigorously promoting the full access of China's natural gas vehicle, vessel and filling station equipment into the global procurement system, and coordinating and cooperating with the natural gas vehicle, vessel and filling station equipment industry of other countries for mutual benefit and common development and progress.

2020 state international natural gas vehicle and filling station equipment exhibition is a professional one-stop service platform for China's natural gas vehicle and filling station equipment enterprises to the international market!  
  • Organization -- the exhibition is a grand international brand event of natural gas vehicles, ships and filling station equipment industry jointly organized by China automobile exhibition and domestic and foreign automobile industry associations, government competent departments, relevant trade, and other professional organizations according to the principle of "specialization, internationalization and branding".Both government support, and the participation of industry authorities. During the exhibition, the ministry of commerce, provincial and municipal leaders and industry authorities will visit and guide the exhibition and attend the opening ceremony.
  • Low purchasing team - event will be invited from China, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions of many transport of natural gas and LPG station equipment and related products import and export traders, agents, distributors, vehicle manufacturers, automotive electronics, Internet companies, telecommunications service providers, operators, financial leasing, logistics companies, such as rent and international famous relevant purchasing association organized a delegation to visit procurement.
  • High-end BBS -- the exhibition will invite authoritative experts in the automobile industry to discuss the latest technology, development trend, division of labor pattern, relevant countermeasures and other hot topics of domestic and foreign natural gas vehicles and vessels and filling station equipment. This paper makes an in-depth report on the development status and problems of China's natural gas vehicles and vessels and filling-station equipment, and a research report on the market situation of China's natural gas vehicles and vessels and filling-station equipment, as well as a detailed speech on product development and technological innovation. At that time, we will arrange the influential enterprises in the field of international natural gas vehicles and ships and filling station equipment to introduce the product overview, the latest technology trends, and other lectures and exchanges. Will invite senior Chinese government officials, experts, scholars, famous international organization representative, famous transport of natural gas and LPG station equipment supplier and purchaser, the transport of natural gas and LPG station equipment market enterprise representatives and other professional audience in attendance, the industry's leading and authoritative anticipated, is China's natural gas transport and an indicator of LPG station equipment industry development and international exchanges and cooperation, will be for transport of natural gas and LPG station equipment industry information and grasp the international market the best platform.


Product Category:
  • Natural gas vehicles: liquefied natural gas vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles, single and dual fuel natural gas vehicles, liquefied petroleum
  • Gas vehicles, coal-bed methane vehicles, natural gas carriers, and related technical equipment;
  • Natural gas commercial vehicles: natural gas truck, natural gas tractor, natural gas carrier, truck, natural gas passenger truck;
  • Natural gas passenger cars: small cars, commercial vehicles, small and medium-sized passenger cars;
  • LNG engineering vehicles: natural gas concrete mixer, excavator, muck truck, forklift, crane, dump truck, mixing station, lift;
  • Special natural gas vehicles: mobile natural gas storage cylinder group semi-trailer, urban natural gas sanitation vehicle and sprinkler, postal transport vehicle;
  • Special vehicles for natural gas: natural gas mobile refueling vehicle, special vehicles for natural gas automobile detection, and vehicles for natural gas refueling station;
  • LNG ship: LNG carrier, LNG power ship, LNG ship related equipment;
  • Coal to gas equipment: natural gas storage equipment, LNG storage tank, gas boiler, gas regulator, pressure regulator, gas control testing technology;
  • Natural gas engine: CNG/ LNG vehicle gas engine, dual-fuel engine, ship engine, construction machinery engine, aircraft engine, natural gas engine set, and other power equipment;
  • Natural gas vehicle/ship parts and special equipment: gas storage system: gas charging device, gas storage cylinder (cylinder production line, complete set of vacuum replacement equipment and related equipment), high-pressure pipeline and high-pressure joint, a pressure display device, manual cut-off valve, etc.Natural gas automobile electronics and gas supply system; Natural gas filter, pressure regulator, mixer, low-pressure gas hose and circulating water hose;
  • Fuel conversion system: vehicle converter, single natural gas converter, fuel conversion switch, natural gas cut-off valve;
  • Hydrogen energy and hydrogenation station equipment: hydrogen production equipment, hydrogenation equipment, hydrogenation station equipment, hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen fuel vehicle, on-board hydrogen supply system;
  • Filling station equipment: complete equipment for CNG/LNG/LPG filling station, compressor, dryer, recovery tank, station gas storage device, and accessories;
  • Cryogenic equipment: liquefaction plant equipment, receiving station equipment, LNG cryogenic storage tank, LNG peak regulating station equipment, LNG gasification station equipment, LNG/CNG refueling station, LNG pump skid, LNG refueling machine, IC card system, submersible pump, vacuum tube, vacuum valve;
  • Related equipment: flow meter, leak detector, detector, and other instruments; Monitoring and security equipment; Purification equipment: natural gas, coal bed methane, hydrogen, industrial gas, compressed air drying, molecular sieve dehydration unit;
  • Control components: skid-mounted box body, base, inlet, and exhaust bellows, motor starter and other parts, high-pressure gas valve and LPG;◆ various kinds of clean energy vehicles, energy-saving technology, and equipment, clean fuel vehicles achievements display.


-- excellent business opportunities --

NGA 2020 is held during the "Canton Fair", which enjoys the reputation of "the first exhibition in China". More than ten thousand purchasers from more than one hundred countries and regions participate in the fair every year. We will through a series of ways to use a huge "Canton fair" global buyers resources fully, and through the customer relationship of the organizing committee invites system at home and abroad to more than 30 purchaser invitation, with "Guangzhou fair" fully interactive, self-producing shinzand, make up for the inadequacy of "Guangzhou fair" sale in domestic market at the same time, the formation of "one inside one outside, complement each other".Relying on the huge passenger flow of "Canton fair", Chinese and foreign purchasers gather together, the market potential is immeasurable, huge business opportunities are fully demonstrated, and it is an important platform to develop the international market!