Sae China Congress & Exhibition(SAECCE)

From October 20, 2020 09:00 until October 24, 2020 17:00



The exhibition to introduce

China Society of automotive engineering annual meeting and exhibition (SAECCE) has been successfully held for many times, so far it has been the most recognized technology exchange and exhibition platform in the automobile industry.SAECCE will be held in Shanghai Jiading auto exhibition center this year.


Since 2009, China's automobile production and sales have been ranked first in the world for many consecutive years

Since 2009, China's automobile production and sales have been ranked first in the world for many consecutive years, and China has become one of the most important regions in the global automobile industry. Here, with intelligent, informatization, low carbonization of the external effects of a new round of technological revolution, and China's automobile industry from large to strong internal demand, unprecedented active technology innovation, knowledge sharing, and cooperation has been booming development, its active degree far above other countries and regions in the world.

SAECCE will dedicate a series of rich conference activities including general meeting, technical branch, special branch, technology exhibition, enterprise visit, and test drive. The paper solicitation has started, the topics cover a wide range, we look forward to automotive engineers from all over the world to participate in the submission, share, common progress


Product Category:

1. Body:

  • Body shell
  • Door and accessories
  • Windows and accessories
  • The roof system
  • Car seat
  • Automobile interior decoration automobile air conditioning and ventilation
  • The car instrument
  • Body standard
  • The car structure is lightweight
  • Auto materials

2. Testing technology:

  • Engine and emission testing
  • Vibration and noise testing
  • Data acquisition simulation
  • Material, structure and fatigue testing
  • Testing instruments and measuring equipment

3. Energy-saving and environment-friendly vehicles:

  • Traditional energy-saving and environment-friendly cars
  • Pure electric vehicle
  • Hybrid car
  • Plug-in electric vehicles
  • Hydrogen fuel cell cars replace fuel cars
  • Advanced battery technology
  • Charging infrastructure and smart grid technology
  • New energy vehicle electronic control technology
  • New energy vehicle drive motor

4. Engine, transmission, powertrain:

  • The new gasoline engine and spare parts
  • Advanced diesel engine and parts
  • Advanced transmission and control system
  • Chassis control and integration technology

5. Automobile manufacturing technology and equipment:

  • Stamping production line technology and equipment
  • Body welding production line and equipment
  • Spraying production line and equipment
  • Vehicle assembly line and equipment
  • Complete technology and equipment of industrial robot
  • Heat treatment technology and equipment
  • Forming die and manufacturing technology

6. Automotive electronics:

  • Electronic control of engine/chassis/body
  • Automotive safety electronic control system
  • Automotive electronics and wiring harness
  • Software and hardware system
  • Automotive sensors and actuators
  • Automobile connector
  • Vehicle network system
  • Multimedia infotainment system
  • Car Internet and navigation