MTC world of fashion, Munich, Germany

Address: Taunusstraße 45;, Ingolstädter Str. 45 - 47, 80807 München, Germany (

The MTC is one of the largest fashion centers in Germany.

Market leaders are represented here as well as wholesalers and importers with their own labels.

The MTC is open seasonally and offers regular trade fair operations.

With over 220 tenants and over 700 collections on approx. 53,500 m² of usable space, the MTC is the most important fashion meeting point in the entire catchment area.

The MTC is the largest seasonally independent fashion order and prompt fashion center in southern Germany with regular trade fair operations.

In addition to the specialist audience from southern Germany, buyers from all over Germany, from neighboring countries Austria, Switzerland and more and more from Eastern Europe are taking advantage of the fashion world in the MTC.

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