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China Catering Industry Expo

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China Catering Industry Expo (CIE CHINA)

China Catering Industry Expo (CIE CHINA) is the first professional exhibition to put forward the concept of catering industry since New China is founded. It??s a procurement event only focusing on the whole food chain of the catering industry in China at the present. The exhibition is based on the development status of China's catering industry and the necessity of industrial development of catering to break the consumption habits of the traditional food industry and establish the leading position of the catering industry. It was founded by Golden Commercial (GOLDENEXPO), a well-known exhibition organization. 

The exhibition area is expected to exceed hundreds of thousands of square meters

The exhibition takes ??Focus on the future development of China's catering industry?? as its theme. And through the interaction and penetration of different exhibits to promote the whole food chain of the catering industry. The exhibits cover six major sectors of the catering industry, including new food materials and condiment, central kitchen and integration, food packaging technology and materials, refrigeration and cold chain logistics, new retail of catering, and restaurant chain alliance. The exhibition area is expected to exceed hundreds of thousands of square meters. It will attract hundreds of thousands of exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions, and hundreds of thousands of professional visitors from the catering field to attend the exhibition. CIE CHINA will rely on Shanghai's unique geographical advantages and huge market demand and create an Asia Pacific top influential procurement event of the catering industry.


The show is the development model of the catering industry's integrated retail brand.

China Catering Industry Expo, the integration of resources in the former store and the factory, the deep integration of new retail and catering has become the future prospect of the catering industry. From a macro perspective, it is the development model of the catering industry's integrated retail brand.


Product Category:

? meat ingredients: frozen/chilled meat, meat rolls, meatballs, ham, sausage, prepared foods, and ready-to-eat products;

? aquatic seafood: frozen seafood, dry seafood, live seafood, prepared aquatic food and deep-processed products;

? poultry food: quick-frozen poultry, segmented poultry, poultry prepared food, poultry deeply processed food, eggs, etc.;

? vegetable fungi: quick-frozen vegetables, prepared vegetables, pickles, pickles, vegetable products, and various edible fungus dishes;

? fast food: fast rice, soup, fast food, convenient porridge, prepared package, and other fast food;

? other food materials: bean products, flour products, coarse grain products, mountain delicacies and game, and various new organic food materials;

? seasoning: cooking oil, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning sauce, soup, hot pot seasoning, etc.;

? related equipment: food processing machinery, sterilization equipment, packaging materials and equipment, storage and cold chain logistics equipment, kitchen equipment and technology, kitchen waste treatment, food safety and testing, etc.;

? industry-related: restaurant chain joining, r&d training, and management, catering informatization, etc

Event Information

Event Date 05-06-2021 9:30 am
Event End Date 05-08-2021 6:00 pm
Individual Price Free
Tel ??86-21??6439-6190 5013-1760
Location Shanghai - National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC)
Categories Trade Show, Food & Beverages, Hospitality, Industrial Engineering

Venue Information - Shanghai - National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC)


Totaling RMB 16 billion in investment, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) is a large exhibition center co-built by the Ministry of Commerce of China and Shanghai Municipal Government, with a total construction area of 1.47 million square meters, among which 1.27 million square meters are above ground. It consists of exhibition halls, the NECC Plaza, office buildings and a high-end brand hotel, offering services concentrating on exhibition, convention, events, commerce, office work, and accommodation.

The facade of the NECC building draws inspiration from a mellow and auspicious ??four-leaf clover?? with the Commercial Plaza acting as the central core and the exhibition halls as the leaves. Blending with many Chinese elements and design concepts of symmetry axis layout, it is one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai. 

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