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Tel Aviv Convention Center, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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The Tel Aviv Expo is located in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel's capital of commerce and culture. The Tel Aviv Expo began in 1933 with the ceremony of laying the cornerstone for the permanent buildings of the "Eastern Fair." Upon the establishment of the State of Israel, the complex was built in Tel Aviv on Rokach Boulevard and was known as the "Fair Center".

At the end of 2018, with the aim of positioning the center as an international exhibition and conference complex, its name was changed to the Expo Tel Aviv.

The company logo, ever since, has been a flying camel. The flying camel symbolizes the lazy east. The Flying Camel expresses the spirit of innovation, initiative, and flying that has always been at the Tel Aviv Expo.

The grassy areas and landscaped gardens that surround the complex provide calm and tranquil atmosphere in the heart of the troubled metropolis and the entire complex has been defined as a green complex where all construction and development processes are carried out in accordance with environmental standards while maintaining a green environment and assimilating  green building elements