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A secret creed spread widely in China for 2000 years

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Thick Black Theory Thick Black Theory
People are so afraid to mention it, so they even avoid criticizing it, but they hide it in children's books that everyone reads in China. 
In 1904, a young man changed his name to - Zongwu, which means "believe in self." For sick the hypocrisy of Confucianism, he wrote an ironic book - "Thick Black Theory."
The book uses many examples of China's favorite heroes in history, such as Liu Bang, the Han dynasty founder, an asshole, to illustrate his theory - being thick and black then success.
In Chinese, "Thick" means - shameless, while black means - no mercy. If you can own them all, you can be China's favorite hero too.
The most mentioned in the "Thick Black Theory" is a popular Chinese children's book - Three Kingdoms. There are three kings - Cao, Liu, and Sun in China, the real history of two thousand years ago. They fight each other with evil plots and lies. In the story, Liu was thick - shameless, and Sun was black - black. In the end, the winner is Cao, who was both thick and black.
Further, Zongwu wrote in the book. Most importantly, the thickest person acts like he is thin while the blackest is working like white. You must speak Confucianism loudly and do the most shameless with no mercy things secretly.
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