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How to Get Wholesale Toys in Guangzhou

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Purchase is a significant problem faced by people who want to open a toy store, the good and bad of goods directly affect the operation of the toy store. So the problem can not be neglected. Especially for people who are new to open a toy store, the purchase is a must to learn. How to get the toys in the wholesale market in Guangzhou? Here is some experience.

It would help if you played a professional when you go to the whole toy market. As a new toy store buyer, you must learn how to buy the toys in the wholesale market. To avoid the wholesalers know you are a rookie, you need to learn to be a professional on your words and your clothes. Here is some advice. If you want to ask the price, please ask them how to wholesale, not how much this one.

It would be best if you learned how to bargain. As a fresh person to buy toys in the wholesale market, you do not know how to negotiate. If you reply a price is meager, the wholesaler will dislike you. If you respond to a high price, you are cheated. Then you will be very embarrassed. The wholesalers will tell you the price is much higher than the base price even several times. So it would help if you learned how to bargain is the best way for you to avoid being cheated.

It would be best if you hid your real need. Some customer is full of praise for the products when the seller is listening. Then the seller will catch these chances to tell the price is at a very high level. Although you will try your best to discuss the seller in an along time, at last, you will still buy the product. After you go home, you will regret it immensely. So when you are a fresh buyer, if you find the product you like very much, please pretend you do not care about the product, then you can buy the product you want under the low price.

You can get the product at a reasonable price after you make the sellers very tired. When you are looking for the product you need, you let your wholesalers pick up and contrast the products repeatedly; at last, you tell the wholesalers the price you can accept. If the price you can take is much lower than the price the wholesalers offer, the wholesalers will be very embarrassed. If the wholesales do not sell after they worked very hard just now, they will think they are very pity and do not get any repayment. In this case, the wholesalers will give up their opinion and offer you a better price. If you the price is still can be satisfied, you can tell them the price you offer is high enough, I have inquired several shops already, and they offer me the same price. When you finish, please turn around and leave the shop. It is instrumental. And then the wholesalers will tell you loudly they will offer you the price you are satisfied with.

Please do not check the products in the shops. When you get outcomes, you need to check how many products you get. If you find some problems with the products, please inform the wholesalers about that and tell them you need to change the products as soon as you can. If you check every product in the shops, the wholesalers will found you are fresh buyers. They will think you are a troubled client and do not want to cooperate with you in a long time. That makes you lose the chance to get the lowest price.

Sometimes the factory can not offer the best price. The wholesale markets are for the clients who will wholesale the product. Maybe it can be retailed sometimes, but the price will be high. If the quantity you need can not satisfy the wholesalers, the wholesalers will not offer you the wholesale price. Many buyers think they can get the best price when they get the products from the factory. If you buy several or dozens of products, you can not get the price, which is much higher than the cost of hundreds of products that will be wholesale. At this moment, it depends on your personal ability to get the bargain. If the factory manager is willing to offer you a better price, you still can get a better price.

There are many shops in each wholesale market. I recommend you to get a card from each shop you like. Then you can contact the shops by a telephone number, Wechat or e-mail, and so on. If you have gone to their shops, meet their wholesalers, and have check their products, they will offer you a better price, and you no need to worry; they will tell you a lie.

Before you buy the products, you need to know the price in the market. You must decide whether to purchase the product depends on reality. That is the most important you need to learn. You can go to one shop to buy some products first, not too much and too heavy, and need to bring them to your hands quickly. When you walk into other shops, the wholesalers find you had bought some products from other shops, and then they know you will be wholesale some products from them, and they will offer you a reasonable price. And you will found you can get a better price from other wholesalers later. If you can wholesale too many products a one time, and you like the shops very much, you also can get the cards from the shops and contact them later.

Please pay attention to your attitude to the wholesalers. If the wholesalers are very friendly to you, you should not too relaxed or too exuberant. In a word, you let them feel that you would like to cooperate with them in the long term. It would help if you understood the wholesalers and buyers could leave each other. It is awful for each other can not make money Because of the wrong attitude.


Place of toy wholesale market


Yide Road Toy Wholesale Market


Reason: the earliest and the biggest wholesale market in China. The price is also the best. There are more than 12 large buildings for wholesale toys. People from all over the world wholesale or buy toys here. There are many banks and express companies in the Yide road.

Customer: the low-and-middle level

General Price: 10 ~ 130 (RMB) per piece, or even lower


Wanling Plaza Guangzhou


Reason: this wholesale market is near Haizhu Square metro station, airport shuttle bus station, bus station. The decoration is most beautiful and deluxe. The whole building is for wholesale, exhibition, and business.

Customer: the high level

General Price: 30 ~ 130 (RMB) per piece, or even higher.


Guangzhou Liwan Toys Wholesale Market


Reason: it has been opened seven years by Guangdong province. It is in No.38 Shilu Ji Road Zhongshan Ba Road Guangzhou. The profit between the factory and wholesaler is meager, so you can not get a big bargain. If you must get a big deal from the wholesaler, the wholesaler will know you are a fresh buyer. You will found the same products of different prices from different shops, Because of the other scale, the address, the salary of the staff of the factories, and the quality. You need to find the same product at the lowest price seriously. In this wholesale market, if you want to buy a significant quantity of the products, you should make an order first.

Customer: the low-and-middle

General Price: 10 ~ 130 (RMB) per piece, or even lower

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