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Most Popular YouTubers from China Mainland, Liziqi, Dianxi Xiaoge, and Ms Yeah

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I am very honored and proud to introduce you to three great YouTubers from China Mainland - Liziqi, Dianxi Xiaoge, and Ms Yeah. By Oct. 12, 2020, their subscribers are 12.8M, 6.28M, and 9.38M. The most conservative estimate is that their monthly income from YouTube directly is more than $50,000 a year, which is a significant amount of money in China. They may even have income from other sponsors!

Ironically, according to Chinese rules, YouTube is not allowed in China. It is extremely difficult to visit in China because of GFW - Great Firewall, and the fear of the law(I do not want to discuss whether they break the laws of China, it is a bigger topic.)

So, how they are so successful? 

Most of the subscribers are outside of China, and not Chinese.

Unlike YouTubers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or Chinese YouTuber outside China, most of Liziqis’s subscribers are not Chinese and cannot speak Chinese or Cantonese. They attract audiences from all languages around the world, so they go much more subscribers. The secret is - they don't talk. Just speak with beautiful pictures and easy understanding videos.

The rising of Chinese culture and the stronger China Economy.

The curiosity of a mysterious Eastern culture has attracted people to these pantomimes. These youtube channels are all about life in remote villages and offices in a big city. 

China's economy is rising quickly, commodities are spreading throughout the world. It’s hard to understand how this miracle happened. People are eager to explore the real Chinese life.

Food, cooking. 

Three YouTuber all start from food cooking videos. This is not a coincidence. Because Chinese food is really delicious and people like it all over the world.


Finally, I want to tell you. Unexpectedly, they are not popular in China Mainland, most people haven't even heard of it!





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