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Monday, 19 October 2020 19:02

0.5US$, AliExpress's shipping cost

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When people talking about Amazon's competitors AliExpress, you might think, buy products at retail price in small boxes from China, it is impossible to work for the high shipping cost.

And you just made a try. Surprisingly, you brought a type C cable for 0.69US$ from AliExpress, Free Shipping!

Nowadays, we can see more and more small items even cheaper than 1US$ sold inAliExpress offer free shipping to almost all over the world.

How stores in AliExpress offer such low price with free shipping!

After I investigated the merchants, I found a fantastic fact. The shipping cost of a small item like the size of a hand, the average amount is 0.5US$, from China to worldwide. It even is getting cheaper!

Not believe it? Let me tell you another miracle. From Yiwu to all over China(except Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia,) the cost of Small-item shipping is 0.8RMB, which about 0.11US$! (

People tell me in person, and the news is reported.

But HOW? How they make shipping cost 0.11 USD domestic and 0.5USD worldwide?






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