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Monday, 19 October 2020 19:19


We, CBS team( established in 2005, Hong Kong.

We only provide the most useful information about China's trade fairs information, such as trade show dates and location, trade show product categories...

We try our best to make this website simple, real, and free, saving everybody's time and money.

We now only have three team members, mostly work from home. 

Thank you.

Monday, 19 October 2020 19:02

0.5US$, AliExpress's shipping cost

When people talking about Amazon's competitors AliExpress, you might think, buy products at retail price in small boxes from China, it is impossible to work for the high shipping cost.

And you just made a try. Surprisingly, you brought a type C cable for 0.69US$ from AliExpress, Free Shipping!

Nowadays, we can see more and more small items even cheaper than 1US$ sold inAliExpress offer free shipping to almost all over the world.

How stores in AliExpress offer such low price with free shipping!

Monday, 19 October 2020 13:51

The Great Firewall of China

It is inconvenient for foreign business people to come to China because they cannot use Gmail, Google, Facebook messenger, and many useful tools. You may watch this video.

Here are his words: "

Hello everyone, this is Marco, and as you can see, I'm speaking to you from beautiful Shanghai. Or am I? Because to the youtube servers, this video was uploaded from Korea. Why, why is that, why?

Censorship is not the correct word to describe the firewall's purpose. A much better word is protection.

I am very honored and proud to introduce you to three great YouTubers from China Mainland - Liziqi, Dianxi Xiaoge, and Ms Yeah. By Oct. 12, 2020, their subscribers are 12.8M, 6.28M, and 9.38M. The most conservative estimate is that their monthly income from YouTube directly is more than $50,000 a year, which is a significant amount of money in China. They may even have income from other sponsors!

Ironically, according to Chinese rules, YouTube is not allowed in China. It is extremely difficult to visit in China because of GFW - Great Firewall, and the fear of the law(I do not want to discuss whether they break the laws of China, it is a bigger topic.)

So, how they are so successful? 

No Beijing road, Shangxiajiu Road anymore, Guangzhou shopping zone was moved to Tianhe Road. Specifically, from Teem Plaza, Parc Central, Grandview Mall, and Onelink Center to Taikoo Hui.

You can see the map here. In this 4 square KM, there is 4 mega exhibition Center. Including the Canton fair, hundreds fair, exhibition and expo show this area every day. China Import and Export ComplexPoly World Trade Center, Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center & Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre.


A friend came to China on a business trip last week and saw that Chinese gadgets and clothing prices are much cheaper. So he came up with the idea of buying in China and shipping it back to Australia and asked me how I could start my own import business.

What should a novice do when importing for the first time?

Monday, 07 September 2020 12:38

How do you evaluate a supplier from China?

China is offering substantial productions. How in a wide range of products and affordable prices.

However, every year thousands of entrepreneurs are hesitant to buy in China. They worry that their journey could become a failure.

Whether sourcing from China or elsewhere. One of the most important things you, as a buyer, need to do to make sure you are working with the right supplier. So, where do you start it with low risky?

People are so afraid to mention it, so they even avoid criticizing it, but they hide it in children's books that everyone reads in China.