What are the best comic cons in the world?

Comic conventions take place around the world, each offering their own distinctive strengths and offerings. It can be difficult to select one “best” comic con as it all depends on what you’re searching for. Here are a few of the most well-known and popular ones:

  1. San Diego Comic-Con International: One of the world’s largest and most renowned comic conventions, held annually in San Diego, California, features a diverse range of pop culture and entertainment media such as comics, movies, TV shows and video games.
  2. Comiket, Tokyo, Japan. Comiket (short for Comic Market) is a large biannual event held in Tokyo, Japan, focused on self-published and indie comic books, manga, anime, and related merchandise. The event is held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center and typically draws hundreds of thousands of attendees.
  3. New York Comic Con: Held annually in Manhattan, this popular convention attracts comic book readers, cosplayers and pop culture connoisseurs from all over the country.
  4. Dragon Con: Held annually in Atlanta, Georgia, Dragon Con is the largest multi-genre convention in America. It offers programming on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics and more to fans from around the world.
  5. Comic Market (Comiket): Hosted biannually in Tokyo, Japan, Comiket is one of the biggest comic conventions worldwide with hundreds of thousands of attendees. It primarily showcases self-published manga and doujinshi (fan-made comics).
  6. MCM Comic Con: MCM Comic Con is a series of pop culture conventions held across the UK, such as London, Manchester and Birmingham. It boasts an eclectic lineup of guests and programming that encompasses comics, movies, TV shows and video games alike.

Each comic con has its own special atmosphere and offerings, making them all worth attending if you’re a fan of pop culture and entertainment media.






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